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Getting healthy 2012

So, finally started the Biggest Loser video 'game' for Kinect. 8 minutes to test me for work out level of difficulty. Damnit, I got moderate, not easy! Then I did the 20 minutes with Bob. Got my a$$ handed to me. All for a measly 126 calories burned.
When the game checked my body stats, I failed to stand excactly in the bullseye so it claimed I was 3 inches shorter than I am, and my neck was 165 inches. Wow, must be that goiter! Luckily I could edit the values.

I feel like I did well, but really, 20 minutes?! I used to work out for 1-2 hours when I was 29-30 years old.

Guess I'll post progress on here, make myself responsible.
What is your favorite Disney movie?

Beauty and the Beast


Okay, fit in between getting ready for a woodcarving show and teaching a woodburning class, was the first annual tournament in Kansas City for Master Han's Martial Arts group. I got talked into competing and chose to compete in forms as I'd least likely collapse from an asthma attack in that than in the fighting competitions. So, arrived at 10 am to watch the black belts and the little kids from our local group compete. At 2 pm (scheduled time for us) we still hadn't gotten to the over 34 women's competitions. Meantime, the 'food' being sold there was not the hotdogs I thought they'd have, but candy and chips. I'm diabetic. The highest protein counts of the food were in the Peanut M&Ms and the Snickers bars. So I had one of each for lunch and prayed I didn't go into a diabetic coma. And water. At 3 pm our teacher told us that the over 34 women would be starting soon. So we waited another 15 or 20 minutes and then were called up. 5 women, a white belt, a yellow (the only one from my group besides me), a green and 2 blues. I was in the middle and I swear the acoustics of the place made my shouts (KYA) louder. Or I was more adrenaline blasted than I thought I'd be. Anyway, it was the best I'd done on my chosen form. Both of our black belt teachers said so. I was really surprised to get the gold medal. Go me! Should have fought too, as only 3 of them competed. I'd have had a 75% chance of medaling. Maybe next year.

Stayed till the end to watch them break one inch pine boards. For the record, pine is a softer wood and breaks easily compared to say...oak. :) Still, it was interesting to see it. Especially seeing one gal I had sparred with back when she was a red belt.

Only 60 competitors were expected, but we ended up with 100. Good first year!


I gave up gardening years ago when I had a kid. Now that she's grown and away at college, I decided that I didn't have to pay the lawn man to do the additional garden area. I could do it myself. I got a nifty (expensive) weed eliminator tool to replace my much cheaper one that has gone missing (should check the neighbor's tool sheds). It works great.

Then I brought out all my bulbs and seeds. After about an hour, I had a dozen bulbs planted. I'm taking a break.

My soil is clay-like. And wet right now. Heavy. Try crumbling it over the bulbs in their holes (which are not 8 inches deep as stated on the package, but range from 8 inches in the first two, down to they're lucky they got 4 inches at the end, by God!)and you end up with a lump of clay suitable for wheel throwing. How the worms dig through it, I don't know. But I know they do because I've guillotined a number of them. Now I'm tired, sweaty, and feeling guilty. At least I know the soil is good for plants. At least weeds, and yes, even that kind of weed (it is an indigenous plant in MO), and poison ivy think so as well as tall blue grass, which is about 10 inches now).

Well, seeds are next and should be easier to plant. Lot shallower graves, er, troughs. Then comes the cypress mulch. Good deal a Lowes. 99 cents/bag. I was going to do rock, but at that price, mulch it is. My pocket book thanks me and my back thanks me. At least until I lift the 2 cubic foot bags. They look kind of...damp. I hope they don't roll into balls.

Hmmm...lawn man shows up in an hour. Maybe I can have him mulch it...or dig holes.

I'm switching to perennials this year.


Spring Art Room Cleaning

Was I insane?! It's nice out, sunny and cool and I'm inside cleaning the art room and not making art.

On the other hand, I could make more art if I could find things! And my God, I have enough supplies/projects in there to last 2-3 years doing it part time like I have to--darn the real life job that pays the bills! I need to win the lottery so I can do what I really want and devote my time to it.

But would I like it as much if I did that? In 3 months I've only had one sale...ah well!
Lunch time and then more cleaning and re-organizing.


Still alive...

...I was hijacked by Facebook with it's Cafe World and Farmville, among other apps.
Too much time wasted there...lol

Kansas City Wood Carvers Show this weekend. Hope to pick up some more ribbons to add to my total, but I expect the competition to be fierce in pyrography this year. I have only 3 to enter. Two animals and one in the landscape division.

We'll see if this one gal actually takes the judge's advice and doesn't put a high gloss finish on it. Last year I beat her with my very simple prairie girl and her piece, a beautiful work of art, was downgraded because of the high gloss and using glass to cover it in the frame. Both keep the judge from seeing the grain and burning work well enough. On the other hand, she sells because of the gloss. I hope this year I sell something. Last year it was only ribbons.

The kid is nearing the end of her first year of college. She did so well first semester that she was invited to join a national honor society. In high school, she struggled to get a 2.5 GPA. Who is the kid and what did she do with my daughter? :)

Unfortunately, she didn't get the big scholarship she got for this year. She did win a $1000/semester for her art portfolio, but the other one paid for 12 semester hours. Sigh...she has to come up with another 14-1500 to cover 15 hours/semester. Gonna be working her butt off this summer to get the $$ for it. But at least the department recognized her talent. It's not easy to get art scholarships. She needs to fatten up her portfolio for junior year scholarships.

Well, off to get ready for the wood carving show!

Looks like I fell off the earth.

So has anyone else cancelled Christmas?

I've had 4000 bucks worth of car repair in October/November.

One nice thing, though. I feel so much more relaxed this season since I don't have to brave the shopping crowds. I'll just decorate the interior of the house, participate in church functions, and spend time on Christmas letters and relax.

Maybe it will become a new tradition...

On the upside, Sarah is nearly through her first semester of college and appears to be doing better than in high school.


Kansas City Wood Carvers Show

The show was the 20th and 21st. On Friday there is set up and then the competition. I got 1st and 2nd for Woodburning:  Human.
My daughter was doing her first show and got 1st and 3rd for Woodburning:  Animal. She really impressed the carvers. She really left another impression when she competed in the wood carving contest and stabbed herself through the protective glove with a detail knife. Lots of blood, embarrassment and attention from the carvers and their spouses. lol

At least she tried to carve!

Didn't sell anything. But on that Sunday, the art gallery called and I'd sold a painting and a print!


One step closer

My kid got her acceptance letter from the college she wants to attend. Yay! Now she just needs to pass English.
It's always something.

She did get to meet the head of the art department (she plans on minoring in Japanese and majoring in studio art). We also got a private tour of the art department by the professor who teaches print making.

Now to figure out how to pay for it all.

Krinkles asking for a belly rub.
Kyo is on the left, younger, but bigger than the old guy, Blackie. They had their paws around each other, hugging. Of course, they were laying on the heat register so the bathroom was cold.